Baltimore's MWBPA plays pickup bike polo every Sunday afternoon. This blog will keep you informed and hopefully get you off the couch and onto the field.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007, the Year in Polo

Well, it's yet another rainy Sunday with no polo being played in Baltimore. Which sucks. It was a great year. We had a lot of new players come out, and had some great games. Those of us that ventured to Pennsylvania and South Carolina for tournaments had a great time. The end of this season also marks the departure of John Sharpe who has moved to Minnesota for the balmy temps and affordable ocean-front properties.

Meanwhile, the main field at Northwest Park has been aerated and re-seeded. With any luck it will be in fine shape for the spring season. In the meantime, if we get a decent and unseasonable Sunday, we will try to throw together a game. Otherwise, look for us to start again in Mid-March. Dayling Savings Time kicks in on March 9, 2008. That would be the perfect day for polo. Say four o'clock? See you then.